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The Basics

Army Lists

Armies should be chosen from standard Warhammer Armies books – if you want to use anything special or different (Forge World rules, WD rules, stuff you’ve made up, etc.) speak to the GM. [Please download and keep note of the most recent FAQ/Errata article from here, as most army books won’t work properly in Warhammer 8th Edition without them!] At the start of each month, you should submit your army list to the GM, who will put it up on the website for all to see. As this is a narrative campaign, all units must be named appropriately, especially characters!
Month-by-month, as you expand your army, you may want to jiggle things around. This is absolutely fine! Your 250 point addition doesn’t need to add onto your existing army – you can choose to drop units, change things up, or whatever you want. Of course, this might mean you have some extra painting to do, so good luck. The most important rule is this: If a unit is dropped from your army list, all of its Experience upgrades (see below) are lost, even if it comes back in a later version of your list. As such, towards the start of the campaign, there is little penalty for changing your army; this is intentional, as most players are starting new armies, and will probably want to change a few things after a couple of games!
There are a few things you’ll need to keep track of on your army list – Experience Upgrades, Renown Upgrades and Captured Colours being the most obvious. There’s an “official” (hardly!) army roster you can use to keep things easy, or if you want to be unique and different you can work something out yourself – as long as you make that info clear for all to see, it’s all good.

Playing Games

Games are played following the normal Warhammer rules, unless the Chapter rules say otherwise. You may play standard missions or narrative battles – it is entirely up to you, but if you and your opponent can’t decide, it’s best to roll for a random mission. After a game, report the outcome of the battle to the GM, including Outstanding Units and any Experience Losses (see below). It would also help if you could include “highlights” of the game – these will come in handy in the monthly recap. You may also want to submit full battle reports or stories – these are definitely encouraged, as they will add to the experience for all involved! More to the point, you gain bonus Renown for doing so…

Important Rule: You may not play each opponent more than once during any campaign month! (Of course, you can actually play them, but for campaign purposes, only the first one counts – you don’t gain Renown or Experience after that. This stops people who see each other all the time from rushing ahead and getting insanely powered-up armies before everyone else!)

Special Rule: Capturing Colours

In war, an army treats its standards as a point of pride – if they fall into enemy hands, many units will fight all the harder to reclaim them! Enemies holding the colours of their opponents are likely to display them brazenly when they march against their original owners, in a display of braggadocio and pride.
If a unit is holding a captured enemy standard at the end of a game, make a note of this on your army list – write “Captured Colours – [Enemy Army Name]” next to the unit’s entry. Units with captured colours may fly them when playing future battles against the army they captured them from. This costs no points, but must be represented in an appropriate way – preferably with a converted model! A unit must have a standard bearer to fly captured colours. (Army Battle Standard Bearers may not fly captured colours.)

During the game, a unit flying captured colours gains +D3 combat resolution instead of +1 for having a standard. However, if the captured colours are recaptured at the end of the game, the enemy player gets D3x50 bonus victory points, and you must remove the captured colours for that army from your army list.

One More Thing…

Just for the sake of clarity, I’m referring to “The GM” in these rules. That’s me – James. You should all have my email address; if not, I’ll give it to you in person. Let me know if you have any questions!


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