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Rules: Levelling Up!

As each army spends time on campaign, it will become more efficient at what it does – namely, wholesale slaughter of the enemy! In the campaign, this is represented by Renown (earned by the army as a whole) and Experience (earned by individual units).


All armies start with zero Renown, but will gain it throughout the campaign. It is vital that you keep track of your Renown on your army list, and that you inform the GM of all Renown changes (usually, you can just do this as part of your post-battle GM debrief… thing).

You earn Renown in the following ways:

  • Winning a game! This grants 1 Renown, or D3 for a Massacre.
  • Killing an enemy general, with your general, in a challenge. This gives you 1 Renown as standard, but if your general is of a lower points cost, you get a +1 Renown bonus for every full 50 points’ difference.
  • Completing the month’s painting task by the deadline. You get 2 Renown for your army being fully painted (we’re talking highlighting, shading, detail – proper painting!), a further 2 Renown for texturing / painting / prettying up all bases in your army, and another 1 Renown for having textured / painted / etc movement trays that match your bases.
  • You get at least 1 Renown for submitting a story, battle report, series of game photos, army portrait, or anything else that will look cool on the blog. Herculean creative efforts will result in more Renown!
  • Watch this space – other opportunities for gaining Renown will appear throughout the campaign.

See the “Ye Olde Renown Shoppe” for ways to spend your Renown!



At the end of each game you did not lose (i.e. a win or a draw), you may pick a single unit in your army as your Outstanding Unit for that game. If there was a particular mission for the battle, the Outstanding Unit must be one that completed the mission (for example, a unit that held the tower in the Watchtower scenario), but other than that the choice is yours! However, units that fled the table or were wiped out are not eligible – they might have been outstanding, but they’re too busy recouping their losses to reap any benefits.
(It’s worth pointing out here that it really should be a unit that did something spectacular, or something interesting at the very least. This rule is about rewarding units that do well in the game, and adding a bit of a narrative – it’s not about trying to craft a mega-scary unit of doom. People abusing this will be frowned upon!)

Once you have chosen an Outstanding Unit, you may choose one of the five Experience Upgrades for that unit! Make a note of the upgrade on your army list.

  • The first upgrade you must choose is “Re-Roll”. If a unit does not have this upgrade when it gains a level of experience, it must choose this option. A re-roll allows that unit to re-roll any or all of the dice from a single roll, once during the game. For example, you could re-roll all failed To Hit dice on an attack, or re-roll a failed Leadership test, or re-roll a Dangerous Terrain test. The roll must be one that directly affects the unit, and it must be a roll that you have made yourself; for example, you could not force an opponent to re-roll all successful wounds against the unit. Of course, it goes without saying that you may never re-roll a re-roll.
  • Once your unit has taken the Re-Roll upgrade, it may choose one of the four Proficiency Upgrades: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative or Leadership. These upgrades represent training in the relevant areas – while a unit has a proficiency upgrade, it adds +1 to the relevant stat. Each upgrade may only be taken once.
  • If a unit achieves all five upgrades, it may not be upgraded any further, and may be ignored when choosing “Unit of the Match” (for example, in a game of The Watchtower, if a fully upgraded unit was the only one holding the tower, you may ignore it and give the award to another unit.


Loss of Experience

If an experienced unit suffers casualties, it can only hope that its replacement troopers will be as proficient as those that came before them. This will become particularly noticeable when a unit is very experienced – the grizzled campaigners will roll their eyes and grumble at the wet-behind-the-ears incompetence of its new recruits.

To represent this, when an experienced unit (one that has taken at least one Experience Upgrade) is wiped out or flees the board, you must roll a D6 for it at the end of the game:

1 – The unit loses the Re-Roll Upgrade
2 – The unit loses the Weapon Skill Proficiency upgrade.
3 – The unit loses the Ballistic Skill Proficiency upgrade.
4 – The unit loses the Initiative Proficiency upgrade.
5 – The unit loses the Leadership Proficiency upgrade.
6 – The unit is lucky, and does not lose any upgrades!

If a unit rolls an upgrade it does not have, count the result as a roll of a 6.


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