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The Volkenburg Regulars – Chapter 2

The Regulars have had a rough start in Ostermark, only just surviving several near-catastropes that have led their former leader to step down to avoid the wrath of the rest of his men. A replacement has been sent by the Elector Council, a strapping veteran called Heinrich Schaeffer, but by the time he arrived the force had already come under the sway of a mysterious wizard who says he needs their help to stop some great evil from happening. With everything that’s happened, the men are more than keen to follow him, and Schaeffer has no choice but to go along with them; the force’s morale is already at rock-bottom, and further contradiction among their leaders could be disastrous…

Jastromo Weissbard, Magister of the Celestial Order (115 points)
Battle Wizard, level 2
The Ring of Volans

Jastromo Weissbard, hermit wizard and crazed outcast in the eyes of the Colleges of Magic. He has long told of seeing dark portents and omens of the end times… could they now be coming true?

Heinrich Schaefer, Hero of the Battle of the Westgate (79 points)
Captain of the Empire
Battle Standard, Heavy Armour

A veteran of countless battles in the name of Averland, this ox of a man easily commands the respect of those among him. He couldn’t be more different from the man he’s been sent to replace.

The Nordweg Roadwardens (120 points)
20 Halberdiers with Light Armour and Halberd
Road-Sergeant Bruno “The Bear” Bauer
Klaus Hartmann, Standard Bearer
Jürgen Mayer, Hornblower

The Nordweg is the main road north out of Volkenburg, and makes for a dangerous journey. The Roadwardens gained their nickname from the countless times they’ve had to rescue caravans from its further reaches.

Detachment: The Irregulars (35 points)
7 Free Company

The old, the young, the infirm and the disgraced; this rabble still wish to lend their meagre strength to their army's cause.
The old, the young, the infirm and the disgraced; this rabble still wish to lend their meagre strength to their army’s cause.

Nordweg Border Patrol (105 points)
10 Handgunners
Marksman Gerhard König, with Hochland Long Rifle

Although this unit spends more time in watchtowers and atop the town wall than out in the field, its leader keeps the men well-drilled – perhaps better than even the Town Guard.

Volkenburg Town Guard, a.k.a. “Müller’s Madmen” (180 points)
15 Greatswords
Gate-Champion Tobias Schwartz
Josef Stadtheim, Standard Bearer
Pieter Klein, Drummer

When Wilhelm Müller was retired from service, he took his old unit with him, having always promised them the easy life when their fighting days were done. Over the years the Town Guard has taken on new recruits, but at its core are the captain’s old cronies – villanous scum to a man, with the notable exception of Sergeant Bauer. Quite why such an honourable man follows a wretch like Müller is one of the greater mysteries surrounding the Regulars.

Grüdermann’s Infernal Contraption (115 points)
Helstorm Rocket Battery

Donated to the cause by the well-meaning curator of the Averheim Museum, this war machine has seen several battles… and even survived one or two of them.

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