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Lady de Mur’s Entourage – Chapter 2

Lady de Mur's Retinue, 750 points

Ophilia de Mur  (170 points)
Vampire with The Flayed Hauberk, the Black Periapt, Luckstone, Infinate Hatred (Vampiric Power)

Lady de Mur's overcoat is painted like flesh to reflect the Flayed Hauberk.

The de Mur Personal Guard (264 points)
Grave Guard with Wight Blades and Shields
Standard Bearer and Seneschal

The de Mur Personal Guard swell their ranks up to 20 this month to become one of the hardest hitting units in the campaign - or at least I like to think so.

The Peasants of Mousillon (88 points)
20 Zombies with Standard Bearer

Brains!!! Painting members of the unit in both Will's and James' colours of the Empire has not gone unnoticed....

The Gisoreux Ghouls (128 points)
15 Ghouls with Crypt Ghast

A larger unit of ghouls was just too tempting... don't they look so inviting?
Corpse Cart (100 points)
Unholy Lodestone
Painting a Corpse Cart is great fun! The rats are painted in the same colours as my pet rats. See Amy (named after Amy Pond in Dr Who... she's a girl with ginger hair - who else could she be?) standing up in front of the Necromancer?

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