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The Volkenburg Regulars – Chapter 3

The fall of the Khazalid Shield has thrown Ostermark into disarray, and the Elector Council of Averland have begun to understand their true folly in sending an indolent scoundrel where they should have been sending a man of decisive action. More pressingly, they are concerned at reports that their taskforce is being led by a hermit wizard instead of the man they sent as a proxy. As a result, they have ordered one of the lesser Knighty Orders to back up Schaefer’s word, and hopefully regain some sense of order and decorum to a battleground that seems to be escalating wildly out of hand…

Jastromo Weissbard, Magister of the Celestial Order (115 points)
Battle Wizard, level 2
The Ring of Volans

Heinrich Schaefer, Hero of the Battle of the Westgate (99 points)
Captain of the Empire
Battle Standard, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse

The Most Honourable Order of the Bath of Leitdorf (231 points)
9 Knights
Standard Bearer and Musician

The Nordweg Roadwardens (120 points)
20 Halberdiers
Light Armour, Halberd
Road-Sergeant Bruno “The Bear” Bauer
Klaus Hartmann, Standard Bearer
Jürgen Mayer, Hornblower

Detachment: The Irregulars (35 points)
7 Free Company

Nordweg Border Patrol (105 points)
10 Handgunners
Marksman Gerhard König, with Hochland Long Rifle

Volkenburg Town Guard, a.k.a. “Müller’s Madmen” (180 points)
15 Greatswords
Gate-Captain Wilhelm Müller
Josef Stadtheim, Standard Bearer
Pieter Klein, Drummer

Grüdermann’s Infernal Contraption (115 points)
Helstorm Rocket Battery


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