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The Volkenburg Regulars – Chapter 1

“The Regulars” are the standing army of Volkenburg, a provincial town in Averland, now acting as a task force led by their Burgomeister, Wilhelm Müller. In his youth he was a hero of several battles, but has spent less time in the training quad and more in the tavern since he was honourably discharged and given the township as a reward. This hasn’t escaped the notice of his superiors, who have pulled him from his dreams of an easy retirement to lead a “special mission”. A batallion of Reiklanders has been seen crossing through the state towards the Great Stir Road, towards the north east, and the Elector council wants to know why. Rumours have passed through the courts of something happening in Ostermark, and if Reikland want to know, Averland won’t be seen to be missing out.

Gate-Captain Wilhelm Müller (95 points)
Captain of the Empire
Heavy Armour, Pistol, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield

A former war hero turned disdainful, spoiled noble, Wilhelm Müller is said to be a coward, a liar and a thief. His men barely trust him, besides those loyal few that have remained close to him since his days in the Averland Greatswords.

The Nordweg Roadwardens (120 points)
20 Halberdiers with Light Armour and Halberd
Road-Sergeant Bruno “The Bear” Bauer
Klaus Hartmann, Standard Bearer
Jürgen Mayer, Hornblower

The Nordweg is the main road north out of Volkenburg, and makes for a dangerous journey. The Roadwardens gained their nickname from the countless times they've had to rescue caravans from its further reaches.

Volkenburg Border Patrol (105 points)
10 Handgunners
Marksman Gerhard König, with Hochland Long Rifle

Although this unit spends more time in watchtowers and atop the town wall than out in the field, its leader keeps the men well-drilled - perhaps better than even the Town Guard.

Volkenburg Town Guard, a.k.a. “Müller’s Madmen” (180 points)
15 Greatswords
Gate Champion Tobias Schwartz
Josef Stadtheim, Standard Bearer
Pieter Klein, Drummer

When Wilhelm Müller was retired from service, he took his old unit with him, having always promised them the easy life when their fighting days were done. Over the years the Town Guard has taken on new recruits, but at its core are the captain's old cronies - villanous scum to a man, with the notable exception of Sergeant Bauer. Quite why such an honourable man follows a wretch like Müller is one of the greater mysteries surrounding the Regulars.

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