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Warhammer: The Dark Hills

In the shadow of the World’s Edge Mountains, at the easternmost tip of Ostermark, is a region known to locals as The Dark Hills. The origin of the name is shrouded by time and rumour. Superstitious locals clutch at talismans and speak of a great terror that almost befell mankind a thousand years ago, and which will come to pass when Morrslieb waxes full on a particular night. More staunch folk say this is because of the coal-rich rock that is so prevalent in the area.

Whatever the reason, it must be more than coincidence that armed forces have started appearing in the area – and not just men of the Empire. Warriors from the Cold North have been sighted, and there are rumours that lords of the Undead are travelling from afar under cover of night. Local folk would do well to lock their doors, shutter their windows and keep their kin close at hand, for little good can come of such a gathering of arms…

Welcome to the Dark Hills campaign page! This is an offshoot of our blog (which, I’ll be honest, hasn’t quite got off the ground yet) which I’ll be using to post rules, narrative, updates, battle reports and anything else relevant to the campaign. If in doubt, watch this space!


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