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//Connection opened: Connected to DGBmain233

>Secure Terminal Accessed. Please Input Username.
>Please Input Password.
>Password Accepted. Logon Complete.
>>*access mail:corp/DB/proc/sorenson-322.40
>Mail Archive for Erik Sorenson locked.
>>*access mail:corp/DB/proc/sorenson-322.40-override[juliusvxi]
>Please Confirm Override. Override will be logged and traced.
>>Confirm juliusvxi fiiSl772
>Override granted. Displaying contents of mail:corp/DB/proc/sorenson for 322.40

From Subject Received
ratcatcher4091 Re: Late Shipment 322.40.98
intsecurity Floors 129-141 out of bounds 322.40.75
lashley981 Favour to ask… 322.40.60
all-staff DGB employee perks – have you signed up? 322.40.58
weloveorcy Merchandise certification request 322.40.41
brooker103 Batch SU8/044i 322.40.35
mcneill422 Leave request 322.40.26

>Input requested item.

From: corp/DB/ext/proc/ratcatcher4091
To: corp/DB/proc/sorenson
Subject: Re: Late shipment


I don’t know what you think this job entails. Maybe you’ve spent too long away from the front line. Maybe you’re just trying to look big in front of your new boss. Either way, I won’t stand here and watch my men die while you fire off barely-disguised threats from the safety of an 80k desk job at Digby Towers.

Do you know the sort of hazards we’re facing on a day-by-day basis? Doberman died of radiation sickness last week. Might have been okay if we’d got him to a decent medbay in time, but considering the junker you’ve got us flying around in, we’re lucky to have a pack of field dressings between us. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that all the best kit, all the juicy tech that actually works, goes to those knuckleheads in the arenas. The men behind the scenes – the ones who make the damn sport happen – don’t get squat.

I can’t be the only one saying this, Sorenson.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the “priority targets” yet. I never said anything until now, but the briefing you gave us was sorely lacking. “Ship-borne vermin” doesn’t quite do them justice, does it? Neither does “docile”, “harmless” or “easily put down with a low pulse from a shock stick”. These things are lethal, Sorenson. The first time we breached a nest, we lost half the trap squad. Half. Michelbach, Willis, Disanto, Romanov and Creely had been with me for almost a decade. Remember their names, Sorenson. Scratch them into that hand-carved desk if you have to. They died because of your sloppy approach to mission planning.

So no, I won’t be doubling my efforts, and no, you won’t be sending one of your staff to make sure we’re following orders.

Of course, if you want to come and see for yourself, I’m sure we can find a use for you.


[Original message text archived]

>Finished? Y/N
>Input requested item.

From: corp/DB/dev/brooker103
To: corp/DB/proc/sorenson
Cc: corp/DB/mark/veer/*
Subject: Batch SU8/044i

Mr Sorenson,

Please find attached the latest stat-sheet for the most recent batch of players. As it’s a detailed read, here are my thoughts in summary.

This batch is made up primarily of specimens from the AM-128 (“Amelia”) breeding line with two additions from the heavier-set EL-412 (“Eleanor”) line. Both lines are the result of controlled husbandry through several dozen generations, and both produce exceptionally stable stock, with only one in every seventeen newborns failing to meet threading criteria. This particular combination of lines was chosen due to similarly high acceptance scores in obedience, conditioning and mnemonic patterning. Unlike most other instances of cross-selection, the lines did not display characteristic aggression towards their opposites, which has been attributed almost entirely to Yan Horrigan’s recent developments in early-cycle pheromone stamping. (I’ve forwarded a commendation request to resources.)

The batch began basic training in their fifth cycle, as per usual, following the standard four cycles of subconscious immersion. The first assessments showed that the specimens were working well as a group, and willingly following orders from handlers. As an interesting aside, York suggested two trials ago that we dress handlers in colours suggestive of match officials; obviously we’ve yet to see the eventual result of this, but our hopes are high for a positive effect.

As a group, the batch displayed tenacity and a true desire to achieve, along with the ability to grasp complex concepts and (in general) obey rules. Visual acuity was still an issue, as it has been since the first trials; considering that this is still largely true across the board, we might have to accept that no amount of tweaking at gene-strings is going to change it. I’ve copied marketing in on this message in the hopes that they can spin this as “character”, rather than a defect or weakness.

Five days ago we pitched SU8/044i against a drone team in the fully simulated arena environment, and they exceeded expectations. They adjusted very quickly to the noise and other distractions, and displayed the capability to follow complex play-codes as well as improvising and thinking on their feet. Also, on a personal note, the EL-412s were brutal. Absolutely brutal, Erik. The fans are going to adore them.

It is the consensus of myself, my assistants and the grading technicians that this batch is more than ready to be introduced in the next League. I understand that the Spiczak corporation has expressed an interest, especially when we dropped Albert’s name. With their backing and the successes we’ve had so far, I think we’ve got some potential champions on our hands.

Oh, one other thing – I hate to mention this again, but we lost three more breeders since I last spoke to you. That shipment still hasn’t arrived, and we really do need fresh stock. Do you think you could hurry the procurement teams along? Sorry to be a bother.

Many thanks,

Elwyn Brooker
Senior Technician
Training Facility 103

[Attachment archived]

>Finished? Y/N
>Input requested item.

//Connection Terminated
//Log automatically uploaded


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