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Battles and Biscuits is a blog about tabletop gaming. More specifically, it’s a blog about tabletop gaming with friends, in the comfort of your own home. We talk about board games, card games, tabletop roleplaying games and miniature wargames – basically, lovely analogue gaming in all its forms.

The people behind the blog are:



James is a lifelong fan of gaming, having written his first board game at the adorable age of five. He’s gone back over it recently, and unfortunately it was a roll-and-move movie tie in, but he’s willing to cut his past self some slack. Since then, he’s got a lot better at spelling and even ended up working in the games industry, spending a rather hectic year as community manager for Mantic Games (and co-developing their sci-fi sports game, DreadBall) and then joining Games Workshop’s mysterious rules team. He was there for a couple of years before moving on to work on the relaunch of specialist games, and he’s since been entrusted with the development of such stone-cold classics as Blood Bowl and Adeptus Titanicus. No pressure there, then. As well as being the exhausted father of a nine-month-old (more on that here, he fills his spare time playing games, researching games, designing games, reading about games design theory and talking people’s ears off about games until they wish he’d stop talking about games so much. He really likes games.

Why not follow James on Twitter and stoke his fledgling ego? @lagoon83 



If James is the guy with the funky helmet from Daft Punk, Sophie is… the other guy with the funky helmet from Daft Punk. The two of them have stuck together through a lot of adventures (we mentioned the nine-month-old, right?) but even now, they still find the time to get games in. She’s a tactile hobbyist, most at home getting stuck into a modelling project that involves Glue and Paint and Mess, and she’s put this to impressive use across a series of tabletop armies over the years. She’s also a canny board gamer, with a mind for sneaky tactics and devious ploys. She is a recovering Magic: The Gathering addict, sober for just over a decade now, and Netrunner is her methadone. Her day job involves wrangling freelance artists and telling them to add more skulls, and when she’s not doing that she’s using wrangling an increasingly inventive baby and telling her to stop eating that.

Sophie is also on the Twitter, so follow her and tweet nice things at her. @sophiesaurus_rex


The newest addition to the Battles and Biscuits family is Hannah. She’s loved board  games ever since she first played Cluedo as a child and one of her fondest childhood memories is the family homebrew version of Blockbuster that got played almost every New Year’s Eve. This evolved into tabletop roleplaying when she went to University and a renewed interest in gathering her friends around a table to play games and have fun. Now work, studying for a second batchelors degree through the Open University and having a baby means that she doesn’t have as much time to play games as she used to, although she still enjoys them just as much. Her dream is to one day make a living from her creative writing.

You can find Hannah on Twitter as @HannahMagnifico

And the rest!

We’ve got a lovely group of friends, some of whom have made contributions to the blog. They’re awesome, and we love them.


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