……Or in this case, the gaming table. Zak recently wrote a review of his first game of Infinity. His friend Matt then posted up a comment about how to make the gaming board look as cool as it does in the article. It was so comprehensive that with Matt’s permission, I have reproduced his writings on how to make an infinity gaming table;

If this isn't a great first impression of a game, I don't know what is.
If this isn’t a great first impression of a game, I don’t know what is.

So the joys of scenery making…

Infinity requires a lot of scenery which is pretty daunting to those with very little to start off with. Now like Zak I’ve been playing war games for many years but even though I have a respectable scenery collection I wouldn’t have been able to densely populate a 4×4 board. In addition I really wanted to capture the feel of a Sci Fi cityscape. Plus the traditional 40k style scenery in a true line of sight games leaves too many openings for snipers.

So what’s a boy to do (ok who am I kidding – an old fart). The Infinity official forums are an awesome resource for all things Infinity with a very supportive community. This is the main thread I would suggest.

The board itself was made from artists board, it’s tough and thin which ideally allows me to store it on top of the bookcase. Most of my scenery is stored in the garage but as I was going to make the scenery from card stock and paper I wanted to make sure I could store scenery inside.

The streets plan was sourced from here and printed onto photographic paper. The images are high quality and add to the Manga styling of the game. Also on this site are a number of hab blocks which are printed onto card stock. These don’t even require glueing and allow you to produce a lot of scenery in little time.

The office buildings and tower blocks were brought from WorldWorksGames.com.
I say brought but they cost about £3 for the template and you can print as much as you have card stock and toner. They also come with a variety of signs which adds to the flavour of the board. This site has an awesome array of buildings suitable for a number of game settings.

Finally and certainly not least the walkway and holographic signs are from MicroArtStudio.com. This is a Polish company that produce scenery designed specifically for Infinity and some rather nice bases as well. They produce hard foam and HDF scenery which paints up very well indeed.


I should point out I do work for a rather well-known company that produces printers (amongst other things) so toner is not as expensive for me. The streets alone took a whole set of colour toner and the buildings took a second set. However, that aside it’s still a cheap way of putting together a really nice looking board in a relatively short space of time.

So that sums up how the board was made. Obviously there was a lot of cutting , glueing and swearing involved (as I stabbed myself again – knifes are sharp, who knew??!!). I have to say I enjoyed making it and found it quite therapeutic. I was very pleased with end result and have being eyeing up some more the World Works Games scenery with a view to create another board in a different style.