I have had a rather sedentary time of it the last few weeks, which got me hankering for some hobby. I had the overwhelming desire to get out my old completely unfinished (of course) Nurgle chaos army. I bought it years ago, made enough models to play a few games with and abandoned it to the gaming room. Some of the models I made are frankly awesome (I’ll try to get some decent picture of them up) while others were made badly with poor posing and no respect for weapon options in the codex.

I started to rescue the Chaos Space Marines I could and repurpose the ones that were beyond saving, turning them into Plague Marines (I thought that ‘plague knives’ could be any kind of rusty weapon right?). Here’s what I have been doing so far:

Can you spot the neck tenticles?
Plague Marines salvaged from my hobby attempts several years ago.

But waiting for glue and grenstuff to dry was boring and with me being stuck in one place I turned my attention to other things to keep me busy. This is when I noticed the Helbrute from the Dark Vengence box. I had deliberately not stuck all the detail on the front of the model so I could put a few boils and such in its place. Being a model from the starter kit (lovely as it is) I wanted to ensure my Helbrute looked a bit different. So with my spare greenstuff I added a few boils to the front. But I had a load of greenstuff left and decided to add a belly to it too. Big bellies are Nurgle’s thing right? But then something possessed my to turn it into this:

The teeth are all sorts of spikey bits off of various chaos sprus
All hail the belly mouth!

I’m not sure why I decided this would be an awesome idea, but I left it to dry and went back to my Plague Marines. However, the next day I was painting them verdigris (more on that later) and needed to wait again for them to dry and found myself wondering back to the Helbrute. I realised the belly, although imposing, did not look complete so I ended adding more ‘stuff’ until I eventually created this:

There's a whole pack of greenstuff on this thing
This is getting pretty horrible…
I have realised that I'm going to have to sculpt a flabby bum to make this look right
The back doesn’t look any better.

I have now had to go out and get more greenstuff and it needs a lot more work. But the end I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to look like a Great Unclean One with bits of metal sticking out of it. But I’m also pretty pleased with it so far. Woohoo for spontaneous hobby!

NB: Sorry about the poor picture quality, as I pretty much stuck where I’m sitting due to the cast, I can’t easily get good angles or light. I’ll try to take better photos once it’s finished.