Another new guest blog from Tom – a fantastic painter with some bone crunching armies. He has been painting figures for more years than I can count and has some great tips to pass on!

In todays show we will be learning how to paint a Deathwing Terminator. I say show, I mean lesson, or blog, actually no its more of a rambling of step by step stages – but it does the job!

This is what we are going to paint:


1: the model is sprayed with skull white, i did 2 coats to get a more even coverage. The raised area on the base is some plasticard which is going to be painted as stone later.

2: Wash the whole model with Seraphim Sepia. Make sure this is fully dry before the next stage!

3: Paint all the armoured panels with Ushabti Bone, leaving the wash to show as a shadow in the recesses. You can see what I mean below:


4: Go around all the edges of the armour with Screaming skull feathering it into the Ushabti Bone to get a smooth effect.

5: Highlight some of the more exposed edges of the armor with White Scar keeping the line as thin as possible.

6: Base coat the red areas of the model with Khorne Red, the green areas with Caliban Green, all the purity seals with Screaming skull,  the Crux Terminatus  and pipes(including backs of knees) with Mechanicus Standard Grey.


7: Wash all these base coated areas with Nuln Oil.
8: Highlight all of the washed areas with their base colour apart from the gun housing which is left alone at this step. the Crux Terminatus also gets an extra highlight at this point of Dawnstone and the chest plate gets a high light with a 50/50 mix of White Scar and Caliban Green.
9: Add a final highlight of Celestra Grey ( yes its a base colour but works) to the Crux Terminatus, and base coat all the metal areas with Leadbelcher.
10: Wash the metal areas and gun housing with Nuln Oil. While this is drying highlight the purity seals with White Scar.
11: Pick out the edges of  the metal with Iron Breaker. Paint the base with Astrogranite leaving the plasticard. the Plasti card and base edge are then painted with Mechanicus Standard Grey.
12: Dry brush the base with Celestra Grey and highlight the plasti card edges. Middenland tufts where then applied to the base to finish.