Well, it’s been a busy couple of months, that’s for certain! I’ve been dashing all over the place, putting in appearances, doing interviews, and all that sort of thing. Some of it hasn’t surfaced yet, but if you’ve missed anything and you’re even vaguely interested, here’s a list of links to things that I’ve been involved in! I’ll update it as things pop up.

12th January 2013 – Beasts of War Weekender. I popped down to the BoW bunker and had a chat and a catch-up with Warren, Stu and Justin. I also drank a silly amount of stone-cold tea. We had a giggle!

14th January 2013 – Battlefield Autopsy: DreadBall. Another one I did for the BoW guys, this time also featuring the legendary Rich Jones. We played a game, we talked about it, we were both rather tired after a long day, so we’re rather glad they didn’t show the bit where we realised halfway into turn 1 that the Ref wasn’t on the board…

30th January 2013 – Mantic Podcast Episode 7. Recorded over Skype (a first for both of us that were involved!), in this one you can just listen to my dulcet tones without having to gaze upon my frankly terrifying visage. For all you know – in fact, for all the Mantic crew know – there’s a good chance I was just sitting in my pants while recording this.