I have realised that I am going to have a considerable quantity of boyz in my army. Even if I go for a vehicle heavy army with all sorts of extra crazy stuff – boys really are the staple of an ork army. I have also realised that one of the reasons I love painting individual models and doing wacky conversions is because I LOVE the unusual. The concept of painting rank and file models has always seemed to me like a bit of a chore. Which is another reason I tend to fall down on painting armies.

I have already gone and done it again. Building the coolest things in my 500 point list and now I’m looking at (seemingly endless) ork boys I have to complete – my heart has sunk. This is the danger zone. I am right at the apex of just giving up, leaving the Meagnobs unpainted, the Warboss unfinished on my paint station until he grows a rather disturbing fuzzy appearance from dust, at which point he will be tossed in the bitz box and I will move onto another shiny toy that catches my eye.

I determined for this not to happen. I really really *want* to get this army done. This isn’t about not being able to paint or build quickly or not coping with the paint scheme. This is about excitement. I *can* build and paint models at a decent speed. It’s really about whether I really want to. I just don’t find standard troops of any army inspirational.

So, I have a couple of options open to me: do minor conversions on lots of boyz to make them more fun and individual and see if this grabs me. Spread the boyz out between different ‘cool’ units and models – rewarding myself with doing the cool stuff. Or stop moaning and just hardcore my way through.

I think it may just be a case of doing a combination of all three. I’m not going to do heavy conversion work on my boyz. I know this will just slow me way down and there is also the risk that the more time I spend on these models, the more I’ll wear out what little motivation I have for them. However, basic head and weapon swaps with give the models more variety and will *hopefully* prevent me from getting sick of the sight of them for a bit longer.

I also think I will just need to hardcore my through. I guess this is really a good opportunity to use my friends to drive me through. That really was the point of doing a joint waaaggghhh in the first place. Enthusiasm is catching and I’m hoping they can inspire me to get through my sticky patch and on the greater, more stompy things.

That said, it still won’t stop me raiding James’s unfinished ork boyz pile to avoid building as many boys as I can….