After writing the previous article and then staring at ork boyz sprues so much I seriously considered trying to use the power of my mind to build them (it didn’t work by the way) I realised all my hobby projects eventually struggle with one thing:

Motivation. That’s what it comes down to. This then got me thinking about how could I get myself motivated to complete the awesome hobby project that lays before me? This in turn got me thinking about what motivation really is and how does it relate to this hobby.

The ‘hobby’ as we call it, has many different aspects and different ways of being expressed. Different hobbyists express passion and excitement about different things. Be it rules, army painting, figure painting, army building, conversions, social gaming, tournament gaming etc etc. The list goes on and on.

Motivation to me is essentially the drive to achieve something – we don’t get that drive if what we are doing doesn’t excite us. We’re not getting paid for what we do (well except for the very few lucky ones). So then essentially, we do it because there must be some aspect about it we love.

Take my sprawling pile of Ork boys that lays ahead of me. In themselves, they do not excite me. But there are things that do excite me *about* them. The conversion potential, the way they are devastating in combat and especially the way most opponents always seem to underestimate them. So what I essentially need to do is to find a way to enjoy that whilst doing the bits I enjoy less (like building and painting them).

One of the best ways to get my hobby juices going is to talk about it. Enthusiasm is infectious. If someone else is excited about building their models then I catch the ‘bug’ and I can keep going under this steam for a good couple of hours at least. Seeing people’s hobby is also a massive inspiration – especially when it’s full of amazing colour schemes and awesome conversions. Games Day is a key place for me to pick up the hobby ‘vibe’ but also local hobby stores and friends armies. A good back up is to watch an awesome film that inspires my hobby – Lord of Rings being a favourite, but also less obvious films like Narnia and especially for orks: Death Race.

So, in summary, I need to go out and actively find motivation for building the slightly more tedious bits of my army (I really don’t lack motivation when it comes to the cool stuff). This is a bit of a catch 22 situation. If you lack motivation to do that, then you have to find something that is exciting about finding motivation and if that needs motivation you go round and round in ever decreasing circles of hobby disappointment.

Luckily I have some artificial motivating factors as well. A timeline, which is has been a driving factor for me already and has helped me keep focused and try to stay off the ‘shiny’ stuff. Also, I have friends. You guys are awesome! Telling me about your cool ideas and plans for your armies and also the other guys I’m doing the Waaaggghhhh with – I don’t want to let you down either. Also, bizarrely – this blog. I hadn’t planned it as such, but I kinda don’t want to let the blog down with yet another half-finished hobby mission.

In conclusion I need to go and do some awesome hobby with awesome friends and stop writing about how I’m not motivated. It has suddenly occurred to me that writing this article is another way of putting off building any models. Another thing I seem to enjoy – I should work that into my hobby somehow…..