I have been thinking a lot about my paint scheme. As mentioned in my previous post, I have a habit of making life hard for myself with heavy conversion work and highly detailed bases. If I manage to make it through the aforementioned challenges I set for myself, I then get far too overambitious on my paint scheme, picking wacky colour combinations, 10-stage highlighting processes and using tricky paint effects. The issue with this is that if I manage to battle through the building process I fall down on the painting. Some of my many failed painting projects below:

I thought “yellow is the only colour I haven’t seen for sisters of battle” – now I know why….
I thought “Samhain Eldar but with lava.. that would be awesome!” Not only is it hard work but I got put off when a friend’s little girl turned round one day and said “look Daddy – giraffes!”
I thought it would be awesome to have Grey Knights where their armour was really shiny from all the polishing it (if you’ve read the Horus Heresy books you’ll understand). I decided to do a high contrast effect with silver edge highlighting. I did one squad of 5…

I have only painted models to the scheme on the box once (my Easterlings) and it’s my only fully painted army. The reason the paint schemes are on the box is because they work. I am determined to actually get this army finished so I have decided to pick one of the standard paint schemes in the Ork Codex. Luckily, the Orks have an awesome range of clans to choose from, with some really awesome themes and loads of potential for variation throughout the army. The kind of clan I pick will also affect my unit choices for the rest of the army,  as the clans have fantastic, developed background stories and I like to have the feeling of that in my army. The only problem is that I have no idea which one to pick (which is generally the reason why I come up with my own schemes in the first place).

This is where I need your help! Below are samples of the clan paint schemes and a little bit of detail about who they each are. I really can’t make up my mind because they are all awesome! I really don’t mind which one I do – so I would really appreciate you  guys helping me make a decision about which clan to go for. I have included a poll under all the different paint schemes and I need you to vote for your favourite clan. I will then do my army in whichever scheme is voted for! I’m gonna give this poll a week because after that I will need to get painting to stay on track for the Planetary Empires Campaign. The winner will be chosen on Saturday!


Snakebite Orks: These Orks cover themselves with furs and bones. Generally a yellowy brown colour and feral. Model by user Old Blood at The Orky Fort.
Goffs use black and white with lots of checks. Stompy foot troops with very few if any vehicles.
Evil Sunz use lots of Red and fast vehicles ‘dat go faster.
Deathskulls are scavengers and looters and love painting themselves blue (‘coz it’s lucky).
Blood Axes are sneeky and strategic and generally mistrusted by other orks because they use human tactics and wargear. They dress like ‘oomies too. Model by user fatherbraga from the-waaagh.com
Bad Moons are the richest orks who have loads of high tech stuff and LOVE yellow.

Help me make a decision and the Waaaggghhhh will be forever thankful – well… they might not bash yer face in quite so ‘ard.