I have had to stop myself and consider how to build my models at this stage – it’s all too easy to get over excited about extensive conversions and get bogged down in the building of them. What happens so often in my case is I spend so long on one model that I’m sick of the sight of that army. So I have decided to do a few, small-scale conversions that are relatively simple but make the models a little distinctive (one example is already on the Meganobs with their additional layer of shoulder pads which I feel really bulk out their silhouette without it taking too much time or effort). I am going to have to be really disciplined to make sure I do this as this is my real vice whenever I try to build an army.

To compensate for the lack of conversions, I am planning on doing textured bases for the army. Again, I have to make sure I don’t go too wacky with these as it is all too tempting to spend hours on the base of every infantry model. This will not get me to the 2.5k I will need by November. So, I’m pluming for a little extra rubble and some distinguishable bits and bobs the Cities of Death scenery kits with sand (or the new textured paint…. I think experiments will be occurring). Obviously for the warboss and larger models I can make them a little more in-depth – keeping in mind I can’t get caught up on them too much.

I have decided to have a Warboss in Mega Armour for my HQ choice. The fact that he is my Warboss means he will of course be a centre piece in my army. The fact that he is in Mega Armour means I get to really go to town on making him looking awesome. I’m going to use Ghazghkull Thraka as the base. How could I not really? It’s a fantastic model that is huge in comparison to other Meganobs. I’m going to do a head and banner pole swap to make it look different to the original. I will probably also do some re-positioning on the arms with some additional shoulder pads. But I’m going to try to force myself to not go any further that. Otherwise I will spend the next 3 months on him and abandon the rest of the army to the dark corners of my bitz box.

Just a taster, check out the feet and textured base for my warboss below. It’s not finished and I know I could do more for the base – but as I said I am really trying not to get too carried away with this.

The for my warboss using Ghazghkull Thraka and some Cities of Death scenery.