I have had a bit of a hobby hiatus for the last 6 months and I feel deeply unhappy about this. I am one of those hobbyists who gets over excited about a project and then totally runs out of steam when the next  shiny thing appears on the horizon.

Well… No more!

I have decided to follow in the footsteps of some very inspirational friends and take part in a campaign weekend. Not only will it be fun, it will also be a great way of mustering the drive to get an army project to completion. However, knowing my weakness for giving up, and not wanting to have all the fun myself, I have dragged three fellow hobbyists into this with me. I’m hoping their enthusiasm and encouragement will keep me going!

The event we have decided to set our sights on  is the Planetary Empires Campaign Weekend at Warhammer World this November. This gives us five months to build and paint our armies. The details haven’t been announced yet, but last year’s event needed a 2,500 point list, which could then be broken into 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 point forces. Until we hear otherwise (probably the first of August, when the tickets go on sale) we’re going to assume it will be the same this year.

After discussing the various pros and cons of a wide range of armies, we finally decided that the only sensible option was to form a  WAAAGGGHHHH!!! All four of us  want to do (or already own) Ork armies and this is a great excuse to finally get them done or finished.

I myself have never done an Ork army but have always wanted to. I have actually avoided it for many years as James has a huge collection of his own and I felt things could get a bit confusing. Now I’ve got an excuse, though, and it’s a perfect opportunity for me to get konvertin’ and create my own wacky greenskins!

I sensibly decided to work on a 500 point army to start with, and from the start I knew what I wanted:  Meganobz!!! Some may say it’s a little over-excessive, but I think it’ll be fun…

This is one of my Meganobs – recycling old models means this one didn’t have arms or a head. I converted it from various bits and I think it’s come out really nicely!