As you might be aware, we’ve been running an incremental Warhammer campaign over the past couple of months. It started off at 500 points each in October, and it’s going up by 250 points every month. You don’t need to have things fully painted to use them, but you get bonus points if they’re painted by the end of the month – basically, I wanted an excuse to paint some pretty models!

Anyway, deadlines being what they are (and this being the final evening of Campaign Month Two), I just spent the past five hours or so painting like a crazy person. Added to the seven or eight hours over the past couple of nights, I can safely say that I don’t want to paint anything yellow for a while.

Of course, what’s the good of painting if you can’t show things off? The pictures below aren’t great, but I’m intending to get some proper shots of each unit in the army over the weekend. I’ll get some photos of the finished gaming board, too, as requested in a comment! In the meantime, enjoy these poorly-lit photos of the army in the cabinet, so that a) I can show it off a bit, and b) I have some proof that I painted my additions in time!


Army 750
The full 750 points - I'm dead chuffed!


Battle Standard
Heinrich Schaefer (Woof!) - the banner was great fun to paint. Sadly, he's getting a horse in the 1000 point list, so this model won't be on the table any time soon. Oh well - he's a pig to rank up, anyway!


Jasstromo Weissbard himself, looking mysterious. Note the yellow scrying stone - it was the only way I could sensibly get the army colour on a celestial wizard!


Free Company
The Irregulars - a free company unit made up of willing volunteers (and the occasional criminal "doing time") who are too young, too old, or too crazy to join the Volkenburg Regulars.


Grüdermann's Infernal Contraption. I'm going to do all of my artillery on diorama bases.