Well, this has been embarrassing!

We’ve sort of entirely failed to update the blog. For over a month. Considering we were really proud of the content we’d put up, and the direciton the whole thing’s going, this is just stupid. Stupid, I tells ya! I could throw excuses out there, about other commitments (including Super Top Secret Project X…), but you don’t want to read excuses, do you? Of  course you don’t. This is a hobby blog. You want hobby goodness.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that the last few days haven’t been idle ones, and we’ve been discussing where this is all going. It’s got us rather fired up, so you can expect some decent content in the very near future! Some of the things we’ve talked about:

  • Vlogging! Does anyone say vlogging any more? Or is it just video blogging? Either way, videos of us talking about hobby things. A bit like what a certain other hobby blog site does, but probably less cynical and Irish.
  • More content! We’re planning a big winter-themed scenery project, now that winter’s here and all, so look out for that. I’ve also got a few rulesy things I’m probably going to flesh out and add to the site.
  • Reviews and stuff! We want to get a bit more vocal on the subject of board games, card games, and other fun ways to spend your evenings. Maybe a few reviews will help you (our wonderful, dedicated readers!) decide how to spend your hard-earned cash.
  • Better quality photos! (We can dream, right?)

Anyway, this is pretty much a placeholder post; I’m off to add some content to the Dark Hills campaign blog, which I feel absolutely dreadful about neglecting. The campaign hits the 1000-point mark this weekend, and I totally failed to write anything for 750! I’m a bad, bad GM.

Stay hobbying – and watch this space!

Yours Contritely,