What a day! It all started with us spending the morning playing campaign games on our lovely new painted terrain (Our “Blogger’s Guide” to getting your trees, walls and fences looking lovely is on its way!). While Andy’s Tzeentch army clashed with Will’s Reiklanders a couple of roads away, Chris’s Vampire Counts were taking on my Averlanders and Sophie’s own vampiric legion.

Chris’s awesome necromancer – very nice indeed, and seemingly indestructible in the game!

My game with Chris was an epic laugh, with a clear “man of the match” award going to Marksman Gerhard König from my Handgunners regiment, whose Hochland Long Rifle hit six times out of six (never needing better than a 5+ to hit, and on two occasions needing a 7+!) and wounded on five of those occasions, killing one necromancer and mortally wounding the other – if the cheeky undead rascal hadn’t been sneaky with his magic, he’d have died all over again, that’s for sure! Sadly, the rest of my army didn’t fare anywhere near as well, and I was soundly massacred – thanks to all the necromantic magic flying about, I caused 1 net casualty across the entire army. Typical!

Here’s an action shot of my “fearless” men of Averland, secure in their overconfidence, shortly before they failed several Fear tests, got flank-charged by ghouls and were torn to shreds.

Elsewhere in the campaign, Andy’s brutal Chaos warriors were chewing through Reiklanders (although Will’s swordsmen gave as good as they got, by all accounts), earning him title of “most likely to get ganged up on in a multiplayer game in the near future”. Also, Sophie’s zombie unit got the award for “unit that James failed to focus on correctly, but which still gets its photo put up because one of the zombies towards the back of the unit is staring straight at the camera in a slightly creepy manner.”

“Dur… what’s that?”

Anyway, all told, it was cracking fun for everyone involved. We’re loving this campaign thing – it’s an excuse to play games and paint models, and it’s getting us to paint our scenery!

Speaking of which, dashed over to Warhammer World once our games were over…

We may have got a bit excited.

So that’s a set of Arcane Ruins and a Garden of Morr to add to the terrain collection! We’ve been wanting to get our hands on the graveyard since it was released, but we haven’t had the chance until now. It’s a beautiful kit by all accounts, and it will go perfectly with Sophie’s army! As for the Arcane Ruins, the kit’s an old favourite of ours, and we were both quite shocked to realise it wasn’t already in our collection. Also in the photo are a few bits for the vampire army, a couple of hobby supplies, and… Forge World goodies!

Sophie couldn’t resist the Wight King Battle Standard, and who could blame her? He’s a stonking model! Personally, I coudln’t keep my hands off the Ironsides Command, because I felt the aforementioned Marksman deserved a suitably impressive model to reward his in-game prowess today. I think I’m going to be swapping the head out, mainly because it was decided that he’s clearly an Old World version of the sniper from Saving Private Ryan, and needs to look suitably beardless. I also failed to resist Lietpold the Black, because who doesn’t love a haughty bastard on a horse? He’ll be making it into the army somewhere, that’s for sure.

All in all, what a day! The campaign’s going really well, and we’re all working out what to put into our armies to bring them up to 750 points in November. I’m thinking some kind of magical defence is needed, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be going with a warrior priest or a wizard. Hmm. Decisions! Any thoughts? Put them in the comments box!

Keep watching this space, though. We’re getting a couple of regular readers, which is no bad thing! Sophie’s halfway through her terrain tutorial, I’ve still got a battle report to write up, and we’ve even had offers of guest posts. Not bad for a blog in its infancy!

Until next time, then – keep on hobbyin’!