The blog’s been well-received so far, and that’s been a real inspiration to pull our fingers out and get some more articles on the go! As such, here are a few ideas we might do something with in the near future:

  • More step-by-step articles! Hopefully with more planning this time. Sophie’s working on some woods for the gameboard next, so I reckon they’ll make it onto the site before long.
  • News from the frontline! We’ll be playing a lot more games now, especially with the campaign going, so look out for battle reports. I’ve got a few photos from a recent three-way Warhammer game using the “Battle Royale” scenario in the rulebook, which was a great laugh for all involved…
  • Rules and stuff! I’m working on trial rules all the time, and this could be a great place to get them tested. Next thing I’m working on (probably!) is a set of terrain rules for 40k, similar to the ones currently in Warhammer. We’ll see what happens there!

Watch this space – and thanks for reading!